About The Foundation

the MB Foundation exists...

To honor churches and ministries to enable their work to grow and thrive. 

The mission statement – “We exist to support innovative solutions to key challenges in our global, Christian community.”

 Vision statement – “To propel Christian ministries to fulfill their work with relevance for today’s culture

We want to join what you're already doing. We want to empower your church so you can be an even bigger and more powerful part of your communities. Part of the good, meaningful, effective ministry work you are already doing. 

You know your church, your town, your community and your needs.

Part of our vision is to relentlessly pursue new and improved ways to connect each church to the people in its sphere of ministry. The Ministry Brands Foundation is an active part of that vision. 

We have four disbursement cycles each year:

  • Summer - Youth & Young Adult (application deadline June 16th)
  • Fall - The Church & Technology (deadline Sept 2017)
  • Winter - Hunger and Homelessness (deadline Dec 2017)
  • Spring - Biblical Literacy Projects (deadline Mar 2018)

We are here to equip churches to super-power their goals. 


Through the work of the Ministry Brands Foundation, we envision a world where churches and ministries can:

  • Trust in a technology partner.
  • Communicate effectively with their communities.
  • Use modern technology safely and securely.
  • Maintain solid financial practices.
  • Reduce IT overhead.
  • Mobilize stewardship to allow ministry growth.
  • Empower their communities to grow and thrive.

If your project fits those goals and falls into one of our seasonal topics, we'd love to invite you to apply for a Ministry Brands Foundation grant.

In a Nutshell: 

What Things Will We Fund?

  • Churches and Ministries aligned with our funding priorities
  • Capital Improvements, Projects, Programs
  • 501c3 Organizations
  • Ministry Brands clients

What Things Will We Not Fund?

  • Individuals
  • Organizations not aligned with our funding priorities
  • Government Agencies/Lobby Groups
  • Event Fundraisers/Sponsorships
  • Other Foundation/Trusts/Pass-thru grant making organizations
  • Commercial Businesses


Ministry Brands Gives Back 

Our vision to grow the church doesn’t end with creating groundbreaking faith-centered software.