Q. What is the mission of the Ministry Brands Foundation?
The Ministry Brands Foundation exists to support innovative, Christ-centered solutions to key challenges our clients face within their local and global communities.

Q. What is the vision of the Ministry Brands Foundation?
The vision of the Ministry Brands Foundation is to propel Christian ministries to fulfill their work with relevance for today’s culture.

Q. When was the Ministry Brands Foundation established?
The MB Foundation was established in April 2017.

Q. Who runs/operates the Ministry Brands Foundation?
The MB Foundation is led by volunteers of Ministry Brands employees across multiple locations and divisions. The Executive Leadership Team provides oversight.

Q. Where can we find updates about the Ministry Brands Foundation?
You can follow us on our social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - as well as our website.

Q. Who can apply for funding?
The spring and summer 2017 rounds are limited to a select list of invited customers. Over time, we will open the applications to all Ministry Brands customers. As the program grows and expands, we will reassess the application process.

Q. How much money can we ask for? Is there a limit?
We don’t want to miss on an amazing opportunity by putting a cap on the requests, but we won’t be able to fulfill every request every time. The proposed amount should reflect a realistic value of the project or program -- and how you plan to accomplish your goal. We seek to fund applicants demonstrating at least $1,000 in need.

Q. Where do we send questions?
Please submit any inquiries through the contact form on the Foundation website.

Q. When will the money be awarded?
Grants are awarded seasonally. Following the application deadline, the review process takes about 5 weeks. Please check the Foundation website for updates on future grant cycles.”

Q. Will we get a giant cardboard check?
Probably not. We want to be good stewards of our funds.

Q. What kind of accountability or reporting will be expected of recipients?
Organizations who are awarded grants will be expected to report back on results of the program(s) with specific information on efficacy, outcomes, and impact to the communities served. More information is available in the grant application materials.

Q. Do we have to send pictures or videos when we apply? Or to follow up?
Yes, please! We want to share your story and inspire others as we move through more and more grant cycles. Before and after pictures, ideally! Members of the Ministry Brands Foundation Selection Committee will reach out to you frequently for updates, stories, pictures, and more!

Q. If our grant is not awarded, may we apply again?
Yes! However, please note that each grant cycle has a specific focus. You should align your project with a grant cycle that applies to the work you’re doing.

Q. Will my fees/monthly costs go up if I apply for funding and/or receive a grant?
No. The Foundation will receive its funding entirely from first fruits of Ministry Brands. As God blesses the company, the Foundation will be able to gauge its resources and ability to fund additional grants.

Q. Will my funds go to another organization with opposing beliefs/viewpoints/theology?
While the Ministry Brands Foundation makes every effort to align its activities with organizations who hold a high view of Biblical truth, we cannot guarantee that all of our organizations will be in lockstep agreement on all points of doctrine or theology. Our primary aim is to use the Foundation as a vehicle to see Kingdom work accelerated in Jesus’ name.

Q. Does the Foundation efforts take away from employees working on our products?
Currently, the Ministry Brands Foundation is staffed by employees of Ministry Brands who offer to give up small amounts of their time to help with this worthy effort. You should not expect to see any degradation in your service as a result of the Foundation. In fact, one of our prayers is that the work of the Foundation is energizing to our own team members, who draw great satisfaction from serving churches and ministries. If anything, the Foundation will spur our people to work harder at delivering great products and services to our faith-based customers.