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Loafing Shed

FellowshipOne and easyTithe joined forces for the Ministry Brands Year-End Giving Challenge. The teams partnered with Bonton Farms, to help in the creation of a 40-acre farm site designed to eradicate a food desert in South Dallas.

Using the seed money from Ministry Brands, the FellowshipOne and easyTithe teams raised an additional $1,100. Plus the teams donated time and energy to help the Bonton Farms staff put the donation to work. On January 14th, the day was spent building a loafing shed for the farm animals. The donation provided the materials needed for the shed. With the remaining money, Bonton Farms will be able to add 8 fruit trees to their orchard. 

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Hope for San Diego Christmas

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From the San Diego team:
This year, the Ministry Brands office in San Diego donated household goods (pictured around our tree) to Just in Time which works with foster youth who are "aging out" of the system and we organized a collection of shoeboxes full of items to give to refugee kids in San Diego (pictured as we assembled them and as they were passed out). 
 From the org we worked with: 'Thank you so much for the donation -- I know they'll be a huge blessing. You're touching so many people this season -- from the homeless families who are working to break that cycle, to young adults working for independence after a life of foster care, to refugee kids who are trying hard to make a new life in America. It's so encouraging that there are workplaces like yours that want to be a blessing to people like these in our city!" 
We gave our annual lump sum donation to  Solutions for Change
Solutions for Change provides services for formerly-homeless families. They have a short-term shelter and then operate a 1,000 day program for rehabilitation, training, work skills, etc for families to overcome the underlying causes of their homelessness. 
In order to renovate and provide ongoing maintenance for these facilities, they are hoping to purchase some construction equipment. It's not glamorous, but it would have a long-term impact in giving families a safe, clean place to live when they come off the streets. 
We were able to fulfill their wish list of: lawn mower, cordless drill, compressor, carpet cleaning, moisture kit, key kit, power washer, miter saw, tree pruner, power fan, screwdriver set, and a bit left over for consumable supplies. 
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